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HOMAG CNC Automatic Beam Saw

Approx Price: Rs 35 Lakh / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
The HOMAG CNC Automatic Beam Saw has got everything – the basic features alone are convincing enough. Whether precision measuring system, intuitive controller or ingenious patent – a HOLZMA saw has what it takes. The components used are extremely strong, ensuring a long lifecycle for the saw, even in full-scale continuous operation. The HPP 180 permits high material throughput in the shortest of times whilst maintaining first-class cutting quality and precision.

  • High-speed feeding system
  • Easy customization
  • Highly efficient


  • Saw blade projection: 95 mm (3.74″)
  • Cutting length: 3 800 mm (149.61″)
  • Clamps: 6 in standard machine, up to 3 more as optional extra
  • Saw carriage speed: Up to 80 m/min (262.4 ft/min)
  • Program fence speed: 60 m/min (196.8 ft/min)
  • Controller software CAD matic 4 BASIC
  • Operating system: Windows XP embedded
  • Monitor: 17″ TFT flat screen monitor
  • Main saw motor: 13.5 kW (18.4 HP)
  • Scoring saw motor: 2.2 kW (3 HP)
  • Main saw blade: 380 x 4.4 x 60 mm (15 x 0.2 x 2.4″)
  • Scoring saw blade: 180 x 4.4, 5.4 x 45 mm (7.1 x 0.2 x 1.8″)
  • Compressed air requirements: 150 Nl/min (5.3 cfm)
  • Minimum velocity at extraction connection: Approx. 26 m/s

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: HPP180

HOMAG Manual Beam Saw

Approx Price: Rs 25 Lakh / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
  • High Quality: In HPM 120 are used only high-quality components from renowned suppliers.
  • Accuracy: Know-how and technology German machine construction.
  • Confiability: 40 years of experience HOLZMA the world leader in manufacturing of disconnectors.
  • The HPM 120 is manufactured by HOMAG Machinery São Paulo in Brazil, with marketing and technical services performed by HOMAG South America. This makes services such as assembly, service and purchase spare parts are fast and efficient.
  • HPM 120 Robust and free of twists
  • The machine base Robust construction of the machine base, with monoblock table attached to columns of the machine, sinkers on the floor.
  • HPM 120 Low vibration, clean cut & Easy handling

HPM 120 Low vibration, clean cut:
  • Prensor the two pressure areas, machined directly in the line of cut reduce vibrations to a minimum, thus ensuring a high quality trimming.
  • The narrow opening at the bottom of prensor ensures an aspiration efficient.
  • Two fi tas rubber for long life prensor to protect the surface of the materials.
  • The ends of the shields prensor ensure operator safety.
  • Emergency rule on both sides prensor increase the segurançate.

HPM 120 Easy handling:
  • The saw carriage Saw carriage in robust construction, composed of hills and mountains primary riscadora.
  • Simple adjustment of the saw riscadora
  • Suction strong and efficient car the hills
  • Feed motor controlled by frequency converter
  • Various safety devices
  • Quick change of the mountain and major force Tightening the mountains due to the system Quick Fixing “Power-Loc” patented HOLZMA

HPM 120 Large desk, flat surface:
  • On each side 3 large tables
  • Plumb line on the floor, guarantees stability of tables.
  • Easy exchange of the surfaces of tables em when worn.
  • Tables to support large deposit cut the sheets.


HPM 120 Accuracy in detail:

  • Positioning ruler with accurate measurements and easy to read
  • Two backrests reinforced side ensure high accuracy in repetition cuts
  • Easy handling and adjustment

  • Saw blade projection: 60 mm
  • Cutting length: 2900 mm (114.17″)
  • Table height: 870 mm
  • Saw carriage speed: Up to 30 m/min (98.4 ftImin), frequency-controlled
  • Main saw motor: 5.5 kW
  • Scoring saw motor: 0.7 kW (1 HP)
  • Operating pressure: Up to 6 bar
  • Dust extraction: 2800 m3/h (1648 cfm); approx. 25
  • Total connecte load: 7 kW

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: HPM120
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